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ExoPlayer 2.0 and Lint

19 Apr 2017 . category: meetup . Comments
#android #mobile #meetup #exoplayer #lint #nyandroiddevelopers

Today, I met with the NY Android Developers Meetup group at Vimeo(IAC), to see really good talks about ExoPlayer 2.0 and Lint.

ExoPlayer 2.0

ExoPlayer has become the de-facto video player on Android, so much that the official Android docs feature it. The new version (2.0) resolves a bunch of issues that caused us, Developers, lots of headaches. Check ExoPlayer on GitHub. Kyle Venn from Vimeo gave us a great presentation about ExoPlayer and I actually played with the new classes and yes, the improvement is significant, if you are working on an app that has to play video, you must check it out.

Brushing Up on Lint

John Rodriguez from Square made a great presentation on Lint and even taught us how to write our own lint checks! Let’s accept it, Lint is vital for us Android Developers, so you better brush up on Lint ASAP.

Event on meetup.com.


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