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Annotations, Offline and Fingerprint Auth

25 Jan 2017 . category: meetup . Comments
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This Wednesday I had the chance to hang out with the NY Android Developers Meetup group at Facebook, to see interesting talks on Annotations, Offline and Fingerprint Auth.

Here are my takes on the different topics that were discussed:



Annotations make our lives easier, they save a bunch of boilerplate and nowadays they are vital for things like TDD, Retrofit, etc.

References about Annotations


Adding offline support to an app is a must, specially when you commute (like me in New York City’s Subway). So… yes! Add offline support to your app so users don’t open an empty app full of “No Internet Connection” messages, cache your content so users can see text and images. Also, cache user actions, such as likes, favorites, comments, etc… and send them to your server next time the device connects to the network.

Instagram has done a superb job on this.

Fingerprint Auth

Biometric authentication is on fire since Apple introduced it a couple iPhones ago and since Marshmallow (Android 6.0) it is easy to implement it on Android. More and more devices come with fingerprint readers so it is time to do it.

The official Android Developer docs can give you a really solid guide on how to do this on your apps.

Event on meetup.com.


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