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The taming of Camera2, and Guide to Becoming a Well-Rounded Android Developer

16 Feb 2017 . category: meetup . Comments
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This Thursday I met with the NY Android Developers Meetup group at American Express, to see interesting talks about Camera2 and a Guide to Becoming a Well-Rounded Android Developer.

American Express Auditorium

Here are my two cents on both talks:

The Taming of Camera2, a Talk in 3 Apps.

Matt Davis walked us through 3 apps (Beme, Exit Poll Live, and Fliq) and told us about his experience building the apps with Camera2. His presentation was really good, I wish I had the slides to share them.

Guide to Becoming a Well-Rounded Android Developer

Andrew Orobator gave an outstanding talk with lots of useful tips on how to become a more productive Android Developer, but what he showed not only applies to Android Developers, it also applies to anyone that deals with the Terminal and Git on a daily basis.

American Express Auditorium

Check Andrew’s slides here.

Event on meetup.com.


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